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Experiment Room Introduction

This experiment room was founded in August, 2004, with a total 7500 square meters. The subsidiary experiment rooms include: Nursing Technique Experiment Room (basic nursing, gynecologic)  Medical Technique  Experiment Room (Stomatology Technique, Ophthalmic Technique, Convalescence Technique), and Medical foundation Experiment Room (Hyperfunction, Pharmacology, Anatomy).With 6 professional management staff on experiment room, two of them have high-title, one of them have middle-title, intergraded-title conferred upon other three. All of them have the related professional certificate. 25 vocational teachers are engaged in experiment teaching, 7 Doctors,12 Masters and balanced 13 person with high-title.

Currently, five professional experiment rooms are carrying through experiment teaching. In 2007, Gynecology Experiment Room and Stomatology Experiment Room applied and got the qualification certificate of Maternity and Child Carer and Dental Dechnician., which approved by named training and evaluation centre/location of national sanitation departments. It is an integration experiment room with teaching, research, training and review.


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