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Rehabilitative Technology

        To cultivate talented individuals who posses not only the basic knowledge of Clinical Physiologyand the skills of contemporary treatment technology but also curative techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  With this foundation, they can work in positions relating to assessment of function, rehabilitation training, rehabilitation service and rehabilitation management.

Main Courses
        Human Anatomy, Human physiology, Pathology, foundation in Human Development, Motor Science, disability rehabilitation,internal medicine,surgery,Rehabilitation assessment,Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine incl. Acupuncture and moxibustion /cupping,TUINA,rehabilitation therapy,Clinical rehabilitation,Foundation in clinical psychology.

Employment Orientation:
        The rehabilitation section of various medical treatment units, healthcare organizations, invalid associations, Public Health administration and physical training.

Requirements for Graduation
        1.Credits 125.5
        2.Computer Education, Authorization and Certification (information industry department)
        Microsoft Certified Office XP Specialist certificate (Microsoft MLC)
        3. Language proficiency: proficiency in vocational English
        4. Vocational qualification: one of the vocational qualifications as follows is necessary

        Mid-level community rehabilitation officer or masseuse/physical therapist


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