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Optometric Technology

        The program of study directly relatesto the spectacle manufacture and retailing  eye care and medical Industries. It provides the students with relevant management and administration training to create professionals who have good all-round personal development and advanced skills in optometry and essential medical knowledge and can apply the latest techniques in prescribing corrective eyewear.

Main Courses and Credits:
        1.The Basis Of  Applied Optics  credits:3
        2.Anatomy & Physiology  credits:3
        3.The Basic Of  Clinic Optometry  credits:3
        4. Spectacle Optics I/II  credits:3/3
        5.I/II/III:The Clinical Optometry Examination I/II/III  credits:3/3/3
        6.The Technology Of Refraction & Spectacle-dispensing  credits:3
        7.Contact Lens Fitting Technology credits:3

Employment Orientation
        Graduates can expect vocational opportunities within retail opticians, ophthalmic hospitals and clinics, manufacture&/or sale of ophthalmic and optical instruments, school/community health consultation, manufacture &/or sale of prescription eyewear, testing supervision and quality assurance bureau etc.

Requirements for Graduation
        1.Credits 125.5
        Computer Education, Authorization and Certification (information industry department)  
        Microsoft Certified Office XP Specialist certificate(Microsoft MLC)
        2.Language requirements: proficiency in vocational English
        3.Qualification requirements.


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