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        This major is to cultivate students to have good comprehensive diathesis of the humanities and sciences, modern nursing concepts, clinical medicine and nursing and become highly sought-after skilled nursing professionals.
        Employment Orientation of Graduates Graduates can participate in clinical nursing across all grades of hospitals, community health care, family nursing and health education centers.

Main Courses and Credits
1. Anatomy & Physiology   credit: 4
2. Human Physiology   credit: 3.5
3. Pharmacology   credit: 3
4. Health Assessment   credit: 2.5
5. Fundamentals of Nursing  credit: 8
6. Medicine Nursing   credit: 7
7. Surgery Nursing   credit: 7
8. Pediatric Nursing   credit: 2
9. Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing   credit: 3
10. Fundamentals of Medical Psychics  credit: 2

Clinical Practice
One-year internship at a major local hospital prior to graduation.

Requirements for Graduation
1. Credits: 130
2. Language Requirements: vocational English standard  (assessed by college)
3. Vocational Qualification: Nursing License


Dental Hygiene(Nursing Branch)

       To ensure our students have comprehensive knowledge of morality, intelligence, physical education and aesthetics, as well as a foundation in the latest oral nursing theories and techniques. They will graduate as practice-oriented medical professionals with a solid grounding in humanities, general medical science, dental therapy and care, science in hospital administration, and infection control and prevention.

Employment Orientation
        Working as an oral nurse or dental assistant in all kinds of hospitals and clinics specializing in oral hygiene and treatment.

Main Courses
       College English, Computer, General Anatomy, Human Physiology and Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Immunology and Microbiology, Medical Psychology, Medical-based Humanities (Medical Aesthetics, Interpersonal Communication, Nursing Etiquette, Nursing Ethics), Basic Nursing, Oral Anatomy and Physiology , Preventive Dentistry, Clinical Oral Nursing etc.
Focus practice

Graduation Practice
Requirements for Graduation
1. Credit: 130
2.Language Requirements: proficiency in vocational English
3.Vocational Qualification: Nursing License


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