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        This major aims to foster students to have good comprehensive diathesis and a foundation in aesthetics and humanities within the framework of modern nursing. They should grasp basic clinical medicine, midwifery and nursing, have excellent child birthing skills and become fully-capable professionals for the midwifery field.

Employment Orientation
        Our graduates can participate in providing delivery, clinical nursing, health care health education, medical care in communities for women and children.  They can take up posts in all grades of hospitals, maternity and  pediatric departments, family planning service centers , or roles providing family nursing and health education in community health centers .

Requirements for Graduation
        1.Credits: 130
        2.Language Requirements: Proficiency in Vocational English
        3.Vocational Qualification: Nursing License & Maternal and Child Health Technology Certificate

Main Courses and Credits:
        1. Anatomy & Physiology   credit: 4
        2. Human Physiology   credit: 3.5
        3. Pharmacology   credit: 3
        4. Health Assessment   credit: 2.5
        5. Fundamentals of Nursing  credit: 8
        6. Medicine Nursing   credit: 7
        7. Surgery Nursing   credit: 7
        8. Pediatric Nursing   credit: 2
        9. Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing   credit: 3
        10. Obstetrics   credit: 5
        11. Skills of Delivering   credit: 4

Focus practice
        One year internship at a major local hospital prior to graduation.


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